Cakes for girls

Cakes for Girls in Dubai & all other United Arab Emirates

Looking for the perfect cake to celebrate your little girl's special day? Look no further than our selection of cakes for girls in Dubai! We offer a wide variety of cakes, from traditional to modern designs, all sure to make your little girl's eyes light up

Whether your daughter loves princesses, unicorns, or anything else in between, we have the perfect cake for her. We also offer custom cake decorating services, so you can create a cake that is truly unique.

Our cakes are made with the finest ingredients and decorated by expert cake artists. We guarantee that your daughter will love her cake and that it will be a hit with her friends and family.

Here are some of the features and benefits of our cakes for girls:

  • Made with the finest ingredients
  • Decorated by expert cake artists
  • A wide variety of designs to choose from, including cakes with princesses, cakes with unicorns, and cakes with personalized messages.
  • Custom cake decorating services available
  • Fast and reliable delivery

We are confident that you will be satisfied with our cakes for girls. Order yours today and make her special day one to remember!

Fox cupcakes

30.00 AED

Candy World Cake

480.00 AED

Cake in a jar

35.00 AED

Mermaid Popsicles

45.00 AED

Barbie doll cake

580.00 AED

Red Velvet Cake

80.00 AED

Kinder Joy Cake

80.00 AED

Nutella Cake

80.00 AED

Snickers Cake

80.00 AED

Avengers Superheroes Cake

2,600.00 AED

Peppa Pig Cake 19

495.00 AED

Planet Saturn Cake

1,700.00 AED

Planet Mars Cake

995.00 AED

Splatoon Cake

350.00 AED

Roblox Cake 10

440.00 AED

Cutest Mermaid Cake

560.00 AED

Barbie Cake and Cupcakes

245.00 AED

Blackpink Cake

385.00 AED

Signature chocolate cupcakes

60.00 AED

Amazing Chocolate Cake

139.00 AED

Moana Cake 12

1,250.00 AED

Numberblocks Cake

1,450.00 AED

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