Lego Cakes

Our Lego cakes are a great way to celebrate any occasion. They are made with high-quality ingredients and decorated with care to ensure that they look and taste amazing. We offer a variety of Lego cake designs to choose from, so you can find the perfect one for your child's birthday party or any other special event. We also offer custom Lego cakes, so you can create the perfect cake for your child's dream birthday. Our Lego cakes are extremely beautifully crafted cakes that is sure to impress everyone at your child's birthday party.

Lego cupcakes 1

25.00 AED

Star Wars Lego Cake 4

1,595.00 AED

Lego Cake 18

825.00 AED

Lego Cake 17

395.00 AED

Legoland cake 2

660.00 AED

Lego cake 16

1,045.00 AED

Lego Cake 15

395.00 AED

Lego cake 12

715.00 AED

Lego cake 10

385.00 AED

Lego cake 9

545.00 AED

Lego cake 7

643.50 AED

Star wars lego cake 2

3,025.00 AED

Star wars lego cake

687.50 AED

Lego cake 6

638.00 AED

Lego cake 5

990.00 AED

Lego cake 4

979.00 AED

Lego cake 3

742.50 AED

Lego Star Wars cake

1,045.00 AED

Lego Cake

1,265.00 AED

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