Birthday Cookies

Celebrate a loved one's special day with the birthday cookie gifts & gourmet cookie gift baskets for delivery from The House of Cakes Dubai. Whether a loved one is turning 1 or 90 — or somewhere in between — a birthday is always a special occasion that deserves celebration. Mark another year around the sun with a batch of delicious birthday cookies from Mrs. The House of Cakes Dubai. Who wouldn’t want that kind of birthday delivery? All of our cupcakes & cookies has been designed to highlight a special theme. We celebrate golf, fishing, barbecues, butterflies, police, nurses, spring, summer, girly themes, cars, cowboys, the list goes on and on. The House of Cakes has a cookie for every occasion. Browse our wonderful selection of delisious individual cookie favors with custom coloring, designing and lettering. Call us - +971-52-6699670 or +971-4-4206973.

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